A legal framework for online commercial arbitration in UAE: new fabric but old style!

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Online Arbitration has increasingly become a popular method for the resolution of electronic commerce disputes due to its inexpensive, speedy, and global nature. However, this kind of arbitration may face many consumer and doctrinal problems that threaten the legal validity of its procedures in the digital world. This paper thus aims to explore whether or not there are any legal obstacles to the use of online arbitration or to the recognition and enforcement of online arbitral awards within the current legal framework in the United Arab Emirates. As such, this paper briefly discusses whether the formal requirements of validity are satisfied if the arbitration agreement is entered into electronically or if the arbitration proceedings are handled from start to finish in a computerized manner. Furthermore, this paper addresses whether or not there is any need to set up specific sets of rules for online arbitration.

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JournalInformation and Communications Technology Law
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Publication statusPublished - Sept 2 2017


  • Online arbitration
  • arbitral seat
  • consumer disputes
  • writing and signature requirements

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