A novel approach to enhancing the implementation of inclusive education?

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One of the criticisms concerning teacher aides (TAs) is that they have limited education and pedagogical skills to support teaching of students with disabilities in the classroom. In Ghana, universities have responded and have introduced a 4-year degree programme in special education. The graduates are recruited as TAs by the government, to work with teachers and students with disabilities in regular classrooms. However, students with disabilities are unable to participate in inclusive classrooms. This lends support to the exploration of the experiences and the contribution of TAs regarding the implementation of inclusive education in Ghana. The inclusive education performance indicators (concepts, policy, structure and systems and practice) was used as framework to understand the perception of 12 TAs regarding inclusive practices. Under each of the measurement indicators, participants discussed the barriers that interfered with their work. For instance, while participants mentioned that they have the competence to support the implementation of inclusive education, under the measurement indicator of concepts, they shared that the rigid nature of the curriculum is an impediment to equal participation. The implications of the study findings for policymaking with respect to improving inclusive practices are discussed.

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JournalSupport for Learning
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  • inclusive education
  • students with disabilities
  • teacher aides
  • teachers

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