Advancing Equity and Inclusion Through Educational Technology: An Overview

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The classical teaching and learning process has been undergoing significant changes in the past three years. The changes are a result of a number of factors and have affected many aspects of learning, including cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. Among the most significant issues affecting learning is the sudden move to online learning. A number of severe effects are noted here, including learning loss, physiological effects on students, changes in student performance, and tension resulting from the integration of technology into education. Due to the rapidly changing world of education, many instructors find themselves forced to choose between compromising, trading off, or remaining steadfast in their approach. Teachers have a traditional role in society which involves the preservation of human and moral values, and this is a reflection of their ethical responsibilities. Teachers are ethically committed to addressing many emerging issues in education by promoting equity. In this chapter, a number of approaches are outlined for ensuring and promoting equity in education.

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