After war then peace: The US-based Liberian diaspora as peace-building norm entrepreneurs

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    The US-based Liberian diaspora's role in the country's 14-year civil war and its aftermath is paradoxical. Consistent with existing literature on the role of diasporas in conflict, the group largely played a role contributing to the outbreak of the Civil War and its continuation. However, in a paradigmatic shift, the group is currently contributing towards the peace-building process by serving as norm entrepreneurs. Factors that have contributed to this shift include a strong demand in the homeland for a change in the 'rules of the game', a shift in US foreign policy towards promotion of democracy in Africa, and a concerted regional and international effort at promoting peace-building norms. The inclusiveness of the mechanisms for norm transfer, the conduct of the messengers and local perception of norms, affect the degree to which they are well received.

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    JournalJournal of Refugee Studies
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    • Conflict
    • Diaspora
    • Liberian civil war
    • Norm entrepreneur
    • Norms
    • Peace-building

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