An assessment of Jordan's e-government maturity: A user-centric perceptive

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There has been a rapid growth in e-government research over the past few years. The deployment of e-government initiatives around the world has also emerged and grown enormously. Like other nations, in recent years, Jordan's efforts to provide e-government services to the public have been recognised. However, its overall progress in this fi eld is still relatively behind expectations. The major purpose of this paper is to provide a qualitative analysis of the current sophistication levels of Jordanian e-government services in order to establish an understanding of how to offer effi cient and effective e-government services that are tailored to a citizen or user-centric approach. It was found that seven ministries (27 per cent) out of 26 ministries are at the fi rst stage of e-government maturity (one-way information fl ows); six ministries (23 per cent) are at the second stage (two-way interaction); and only two ministries (7.5 per cent) offer e-payment transactions. In addition, fi ndings of this study indicated that the majority of ministries (46 per cent) offer some e-democracy capabilities to citizens. These fi ndings clearly demonstrate that although Jordan has developed relatively high-level e-government-service delivery capabilities in e-democracy and two-way interaction, there is a notable lack of transactional websites across the national government sites in this country.

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  • Developing countries
  • E-government
  • Jordan
  • Maturity model
  • User-centric perspective

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