An automatic gain control front-end optical receiver for multi-level data transmission

M. Atef, R. Swoboda, H. Zimmermann

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An receiver optoelectronic integrated circuit (OEIC) with integrated PIN photodiode, an automatic gain control transimpedance amplifier, linear post amplifier and 50Ω line driver is presented. Two ICs were designed using 0.6μm BiCMOS technology. One with 760mV differential output voltage and 623MHz bandwidth, the other IC has a 420mV differential output voltage and 712MHz bandwidth. The post-layout simulation for this optical receiver for multi-level data signals shows a high linearity. The eye diagram of the multi-level signal at a symbol rate of 1.25 Gbaud demonstrates an excellent performance for the optical receiver. The experimental measurement with a binary signal at a bit rate of 1.25 Gb/s indicates that the front-end optical receiver has for 660nm a sensitivity of -24dBm for a bit error rate of 10-9. The reached 10%-90% rise-and fall-times are 0.42ns and 0.40ns, respectively.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNorchip - 26th Norchip Conference, Formal Proceedings
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 2008
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Event26th Norchip Conference, Norchip - Tallinn, Estonia
Duration: Nov 17 2008Nov 18 2008

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NameNorchip - 26th Norchip Conference, Formal Proceedings


Conference26th Norchip Conference, Norchip

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