An overview of the 3GPP identified Use Cases for V2X Services

M. Jalal Khan, Manzoor Ahmed Khan, Azam Beg, Sumbal Malik, Hesham El-Sayed

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Recently, the telecommunication standard development body reported LTE support for V2X services-based use cases along with their potential requirements. However, these requirements overlap and require a huge effort to understand. Therefore, it is imperative to know the outcomes of the use cases and categorization of the potential requirements. In this paper, we provided an overview of the use cases, their potential outcomes, and a comparison between the potential requirements based on their categorization i.e. latency, message size, mobility performance, response time, message frequency, anonymity and integrity, reliability, and communication. The outcomes help in knowing about the response envisioned by the identified use cases for V2X services. The comparison of potential requirements describes three important requirements: latency, message size, and mobility performance for realizing the V2X service-based use cases. In future work, we aim to provide a holistic overview of realizing enhanced use cases in real-world scenarios to accomplish V2X service communication.


  • LTE-V2X Services
  • Use cases
  • V2X Requirements
  • V2X Scenarios
  • V2X services

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