Anti-pancreatic cancer effects of a polar extract from the edible sea cucumber, cucumaria frondosa

Alexandra B. Roginsky, Xian Zhong Ding, Carl Woodward, Michael B. Ujiki, Brahmchetna Singh, Richard H. Bell, Peter Collin, Thomas E. Adrian

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Objectives: To investigate the effects and mechanism of Frondanol-A5P, a polar extract from Cucumaria frondosa, on growth inhibition and apoptosis in S2013 and AsPC-1 human pancreatic cancer cells. Methods: The effects of Frondanol-A5P on proliferation, cell cycle, expression of cell cycle proteins and p21waf1, phosphorylation of MAP kinases, annexin V binding, and caspase-3 activation were examined. Results: Frondanol-A5P inhibited proliferation and induced G2/M phase cell cycle arrest in both cell lines with decreased expression of cyclin A, cyclin B, and cdc25c. Frondanol-A5P induced phosphorylation of stress-activated protein kinase and Janus kinase (SAPK/JAK) and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAP) within 5 minutes. Frondanol-A5P markedly increased expression of waf1 messenger RNA and protein at 3 hours in both cell lines. This effect was reduced by the p38 kinase inhibitor, SB203580. Frondanol-A5P markedly increased annexin V binding and activated caspase-3. Conclusions: Frondanol-A5 causes cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human pancreatic cancer cells. These changes are associated with decreased expression of cyclin A, cyclin B, and cdc25c and increased expression of p21waf1 that, at least in part, is mediated by a p38 kinase-dependent mechanism. Because Frondanol-A5P is derived from an edible, nontoxic, sea cucumber, it may be valuable for nutritional therapy or prevention of pancreatic cancer.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)646-652
Number of pages7
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2010
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  • Cucumaria frondosa
  • apoptosis
  • growth inhibition
  • pancreatic cancer
  • prevention

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