Automated system for evaluating higher education programs

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Program review has been recognized as a common practice amongst universities worldwide. This exercise usually ensures that programs are up to date, meet high quality standards, continuously responding to changes, and hence, adheres to continuous improvement practices. It is a cycle that involves different stakeholders ranging from program chairs and deans to program review committee members and internal/external examiners. Managing such multi-process program evaluation could be enhanced using an automated system that streamlines the different processes and accordingly, providing more cost-effective management and coordination activities. However, the literature indicates that very few automation efforts were implemented to support such review management system. In this research, we highlight the cost effectiveness of the different main activities and processes involved in programs review lifecycle. Hence, we propose a software tool design called Automated Program Review Management System (APRMS) to support and manage the program review process. APRMS handles different categories of reviewing activities. Moreover, it is designed to enhance decision-making by providing timely feedbacks, reminders, guidelines and recommendations and to make effective use of the contributions of the different stakeholders. The system has been evaluated using both quantitative and qualitative criteria. Particularly, a case study was depicted that used real data, collected from a program review process in United Arab Emirate University (UAEU). The results demonstrated that the suggested automated system leads to significant gains in time, effort, and deliverable’s quality.

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JournalEducation and Information Technologies
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Publication statusPublished - Sept 13 2019


  • Automated evaluation processes
  • Higher education
  • Program evaluation
  • Program review
  • Program review lifecycle
  • Quality review standards
  • Self-study report

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