Bicycle-related injuries requiring hospitalization in the United Arab Emirates

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Objectives: To study the anatomical distribution, severity, and outcome of bicycle-related injuries requiring hospitalization in Al-Ain city, United Arab Emirates in order to improve preventive measures. Methods: All patients with bicycle-related injuries who were admitted to Al-Ain Hospital or who died after arrival were studied. Data were prospectively collected over a period of six years (October 2001-October 2007). Demography of patients, Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), Injury Severity Score (ISS), hospital stay, and mortality were analysed. Results: There were 130 patients (126 males). Mean (SD) age was 27.1 (14.5) years. 17.7% were United Arab Emirates (UAE) nationals. None of the patients was wearing a helmet. The percentage of UAE nationals of less than 15 years old was significantly higher (65.2%) than non-UAE nationals (14.3%) (p < 0.0001, Fisher's Exact Test). The most common mechanism of injury for UAE nationals was falling from a bicycle (73.7%) whilst for non-UAE nationals was hitting a moving vehicle (66.7%). 96 (73.9%) patients had head and face injuries whilst 91 patients (70%) had extremity injuries. On arrival to the hospital, the median (range) ISS was 4 (1-41) and the median (range) GCS was 15 (3-15). The median (range) of total hospital stay was 4 (1-95) days. 17 patients (13.1%) were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. Two patients died because of head injury (overall mortality was 1.5%). Conclusions: The majority of hospitalized injured cyclists in our study were low income adults using cycling as a cheap transportation method. Compulsory helmet use by bicycle riders and subsidising helmet cost should be adopted so as to reduce morbidity and mortality of bicycle-related injuries.

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