Child Poverty and Youth Unemployment in Saudi Arabia

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be described as a young nation in terms of its date of creation and its rapidly increasing proportion of children and young people in its population. Various sources have been cited to explain the causes and describe the consequences of child poverty and youth unemployment. The factors mentioned for future verification are the interrelationship between, on the one hand, government and religion, social conservatism, sensitivity to criticism, unmatched education, and development policies, and, on the other hand, the general attitude of the Saudi youth toward a job versus a dreamed position in a government office. This article aims to raise awareness and to generate further discussions in, and investigations of, both the public and private sectors, so as to harness the vast resources of Saudi Arabia, mainly derived from oil, to appropriately address the rising issues of child poverty and youth unemployment.

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JournalPoverty & Public Policy
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Publication statusPublished - Sept 2018


  • Saudi Arabia
  • children
  • poverty
  • unemployment
  • youth

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