China's policy towards the Palestinian issue

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This study analyses the foreign policy of the Peoples Republic of China towards the Palestinian issue. It argues that Chinas foreign policy towards the Palestinian issue has been guided mainly by two important factors. The first, Mao Zedongs ideology and political thought, directed Chinas foreign policy towards the Palestinian issue during the time of Maos leadership in the Peoples Republic of China. The second factor, Chinas national interest as defined by increase its military, political, technical, and economic capabilities, directed Chinas foreign policy towards the issue in the post Maos leadership. During Maos era, China supported the Palestinians against Israel, and in the post-Mao era China supported both the Palestinians and Israel and favored the political solution regarding the question of use of force.

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JournalJournal of the Social Sciences
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  • China and Israel
  • China and Middle East
  • China and Palestine
  • China and the peace process
  • China's foreign policy
  • Palestine and the Chinese leadership
  • Palestinian issue

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