Competitive pattern-based strategies under complexity: The case of turkish managers

Gürdal Ertek, Nihat Kasap, Selin Tokman, Özcan Bilgin, Mert Inanoğlu

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This chapter augments current Enterprise Architecture (EA) frameworks to become pattern-based. The main motivation behind pattern-based EA is the support for strategic decisions based on the patterns prioritized in a country or industry. Thus, to validate the need for pattern-based EA, it is essential to show how different patterns gain priority under different contexts, such as industries. To this end, this chapter also reveals the value of alternative managerial strategies across different industries and business functions in a specific market, namely Turkey. Value perceptions for alternative managerial strategies were collected via survey, and the values for strategies were analyzed through the rigorous application of statistical techniques. Then, evidence was searched and obtained from business literature that support or refute the statistically supported hypothesis. The results obtained through statistical analysis are typically confirmed with reports of real world cases in the business literature. Results suggest that Turkish firms differ significantly in the way they value different managerial strategies. There also exist differences based on industries and business functions. The study provides guidelines to managers in Turkey, an emerging country, on which strategies are valued most in their industries. This way, managers can have a better understanding of their competitors and business environment and can develop the appropriate pattern-based EA to cope with complexity and succeed in the market.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationA Systemic Perspective to Managing Complexity with Enterprise Architecture
PublisherIGI Global
Number of pages30
ISBN (Electronic)9781466645196
ISBN (Print)1466645180, 9781466645189
Publication statusPublished - Sept 30 2013
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