Complicated intra-abdominal infections: A prospective validation study of the WSES Sepsis Severity Score

Saleh Abdel-Kader, Massimo Sartelli, Fikri M. Abu-Zidan

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INTRODUCTION The World Society of Emergency Surgery (WSES) recently developed and validated a sepsis severity score for complicated intra-abdominal infections (cIAIs). We aimed to prospectively study the validity of this score in our local setting and compare it with global findings. METHODS In a prospective study of 100 consecutive adult patients with cIAIs treated at Al-Ain Hospital, United Arab Emirates, from October 2014 to January 2016, we studied patients’ demographics, disease, risk factors, WSES Sepsis Severity Score, management, hospital stay and mortality. Our findings were compared with those from a recent global multicentre prospective study from 53 countries (n = 4,496). RESULTS Compared with global data, our patients were more likely to be male (p < 0.0001) and younger (p < 0.0001), with more appendicitis and perforated peptic ulcers (p < 0.0001), significantly lower sepsis severity score (p < 0.0001) and more delays in surgical intervention (p = 0.001). Nevertheless, they had similar adequate source control (p = 0.54) and surgical reinterventions (p = 0.63). Overall, our patients had a significantly lower mortality rate (1.0% vs. 9.3% in global data; p = 0.001). A direct logistic regression model showed that the WSES Sepsis Severity Score significantly predicted mortality (p < 0.0001), but our hospital’s setting was not predictive of mortality compared with other hospitals (p = 0.18). CONCLUSION Although our patient demographics and hospital’s setting significantly differed from those of other international hospitals, the WSES Sepsis Severity Score was very accurate in predicting mortality among our patients, which supports its generalisability for all patient populations worldwide.

Original languageEnglish
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Number of pages5
JournalSingapore medical journal
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2019


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