Computational fluid dynamics simulation of an Inert Particles Spouted Bed Reactor (IPSBR) system

Ameera F. Mohammad, Aya A.H.I. Mourad, Jawad Mustafa, Ali H. Al-Marzouqi, Muftah H. El-Naas, Mohamed H. Al-Marzouqi, Fadi Alnaimat, Mabruk I. Suleiman, Mohamed Al Musharfy, Tommy Firmansyah

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A novel system for contacting gases and liquids, suitable for many applications involving gas-liquid contact such as CO2 capture and brine desalination, has been simulated and experimentally validated. The system comprises a vertical vessel with gas and liquid ports and inert particles that enhance mixing and provide a high gas-liquid interfacial area. A low gas flow rate was statistically demonstrated and experimentally verified to be the optimum condition for CO2 capture and brine desalination; however, the gas velocity can have a considerable effect on the motion of inert particles inside the reactor. Uniform particles motion ensures good mixing within the reactor and hence efficient absorption and stripping process. A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model, namely Eulerian model, presented in this paper, will help demonstrate the effect of mixing particles at specific conditions on the gas and liquid velocities inside the reactor, gas and liquid volume distribution through reactor, and eddy viscosities stresses of the mixing particles. A mesh-independent study was conducted to demonstrate the independency of mesh structure and size on the output responses. A quasi-steady state was attained to ensure the stability and feasibility of the selected model. The assembled model exhibits remarkable applicability in determining the optimum mixing particles densities, volume ratios, and sizes to ensure best velocity distribution and gas spreading inside the reactor and accordingly enhance the associated chemical reactions.

Original languageEnglish
Article number20200025
JournalInternational Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 2020


  • CFD simulation
  • Eulerian model
  • gas-liquid reactor
  • inert mixing particles

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  • General Chemical Engineering


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