Designing enduring and impactful professional development to support teacher growth

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In the 21st century, professional development is essential for contemporary educators to grow and thrive. The current educational landscape offers numerous technologies and opportunities that not only enable educational leaders to achieve professional development goals, but also promote professional longevity. Despite the substantial yet unsystematic growth of continuous on-site professional development in recent decades, research reviews reveal that many schools still maintain the status quo in their professional development practices. This chapter highlights the optimal conditions for establishing robust, data-driven professional development that integrates adult learning theories and feeds into other supervisory opportunities, ultimately enhancing teacher growth and student learning. To ensure proper implementation of skills and practices learned during professional development sessions, follow-up practices and additional support strategies are recommended. These measures address challenges, encourage reflection, and help refine educators' instructional practices.

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Title of host publicationInnovations in Teacher Development, Personalized Learning, and Upskilling the Workforce
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Publication statusPublished - Jul 3 2023

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