Determinants of interactive white board success in teaching in higher education institutions

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This research evaluates the effectiveness of the Interactive White Board Technology (IWBT) in teaching in the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) in UAE University. IWBT includes integrated hardware and software components to facilitate teaching process and hence, provides rich and interactive experience for both teachers and students. However, the IWBT is recent and issues emanating from its use in teaching and learning are scant and inconclusive. The research developed a theoretical framework to guide the research endeavor. Accordingly, the research attempted to unveil factors influencing IWBT introduction and use in different departments within FIT. The research findings reported different hurdles facing the integral use of IWBT in teaching in FIT. The research also suggested that the IWBT could be useful in teaching technical courses in FIT. This is contingent upon addressing certain factors highlighted in this research. This research introduces different recommendations to further IWBT use in FIT. The research highlights different theoretical and professional contributions and contentions and raises the need for more research in the IWBT field.

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JournalComputers and Education
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Publication statusPublished - Apr 2011


  • Emergent disruptive technologies
  • Higher education
  • Integrative pedagogy
  • Interactive smart board
  • Smart classroom
  • UAE

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