Determinants of student satisfaction in higher education: A case of the UAE university

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    Promoting and measuring student satisfaction and happiness is a primary focus of the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) during the last few years. The aim of this research is to introduce and test a conceptual model of students' satisfaction in the (UAEU). A survey instrument designed and used for this purpose. Data (n = 498) were gathered on students from nine colleges of the UAEU. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were implemented using structural equation modelling to test the proposed research model and hypothesis, which were based on a modified Parasuraman's SERVQUAL measurement tool. The results indicated that quality (service/ program) has significant impact on students' satisfaction and consequently on their happiness. Correlations between the quality constructs and the students' satisfaction were statistically significant. The study has shown that program quality, in terms of the university reputation, has the most influence, among quality constructs, towards confirming students' satisfaction. Moreover, results indicated, in general, that UAEU was successful in gaining student's satisfaction. These findings should encourage the academic authorities to support service and program quality more, in order to enhance students' satisfaction and ensure their happiness.

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