Diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease in the United Arab Emirates

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) form part of the Arabian peninsular with a population of about 4 million. One of the major health care challenges is the lack of national data, however, it is known that UAE has the second highest prevalence of diabetes worldwide with 25% of the population affected. Deaths related to diabetes are a serious problem and relate to genetic disposition, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity, with a high genetic susceptibility to insulin resistance. Diabetics have a higher prevalence and more severe forms of periodontal disease which leads to an impaired quality of life and to oral functional disability. Periodontal disease is frequently overlooked as a complication of diabetes and there are few referrals from physicians or endocrinologists to dentists. There is a similar lack of data in UAE on oral health. Recommendations include strategies that focus on prevention of diabetes, improved awareness about diabetes at professional level and in the community, highlighting the importance of oral health.

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