Distributed networks: Intelligence, security, and applications

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For many civilian, security, and military applications, distributed and networked coordination offers a more promising alternative to centralized command and control in terms of scalability, flexibility, and robustness. It also introduces its own challenges. Distributed Networks: Intelligence, Security, and Applications brings together scientific research in distributed network intelligence, security, and novel applications. The book presents recent trends and advances in the theory and applications of network intelligence and helps you understand how to successfully incorporate them into distributed systems and services. Featuring contributions by leading scholars and experts from around the world, this collection covers: Approaches for distributed network intelligence Distributed models for distributed enterprises, including forecasting and performance measurement models Security applications for distributed enterprises, including intrusion tackling and peer-to-peer traffic detection Future wireless networking scenarios, including the use of software sensors instead of hardware sensors Emerging enterprise applications and trends such as the smartOR standard and innovative concepts for human-machine interaction in the operating room Several chapters use a tutorial style to emphasize the development process behind complex distributed networked systems and services, which highlights the difficulties of knowledge engineering of such systems. Delving into novel concepts, theories, and advanced technologies, this book offers inspiration for further research and development in distributed computing and networking, especially related to security solutions for distributed environments.

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2017

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