Does students’ performance in the formative CLIPP examination predict their scores in the NBMEPSE?

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Purpose: Computer-Assisted Learning in Pediatrics Program (CLIPP) and National Board of Medical Examiners Pediatric Subject Examination (NBMEPSE) are used to assess students’ performance during pediatric clerkship. International Foundations of Medicine (IFOM) assessment is organized by NBME and taken before graduation. This study explores the ability of CLIPP assessment to predict students’ performance in their NBMEPSE and IFOM examinations. Design/methodology/approach: This cross-sectional study assessed correlation of students’ CLIPP, NBMEPSE and IFOM scores. Students’ perceptions regarding NBMEPSE and CLIPP were collected in a self-administered survey. Findings: Out of the 381 students enrolled, scores of CLIPP, NBME and IFOM examinations did not show any significant difference between genders. Correlation between CLIPP and NBMEPSE scores was positive in both junior (r = 0.72) and senior (r = 0.46) clerkships, with a statistically significant relationship between them in a univariate model. Similarly, there was a statistically significant relationship between CLIPP and IFOM scores. In an adjusted multiple linear regression model that included gender, CLIPP scores were significantly associated with NBME and IFOM scores. Male gender was a significant predictor in this model. Results of survey reflected students’ satisfaction with both NBMEPSE and CLIPP examinations. Originality/value: Although students did not perceive a positive relationship between their performances in CLIPP and NBMEPSE examinations, this study demonstrates predictive value of formative CLIPP examination scores for their future performance in both summative NBMEPSE and IFOM. Therefore, students with poor performance in CLIPP are likely to benefit from feedback and remediation in preparation for summative assessments.

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