Donkin-koppinen filtration for general linear supergroups

Roberto La Scala, Alexandr N. Zubkov

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We consider a generalization of Donkin-Koppinen filtrations for coordinate superalgebras of general linear supergroups. More precisely, if G = GL(m|n) is a general linear supergroup of (super)degree (m|n), then its coordinate superalgebra K[G] is a natural G ×G-supermodule. For every finitely generated ideal ⌈ ⊆ λ × λ, the largest subsupermodule O⌈ (K[G]) of K[G], which has all composition factors of the form L(γ) ⊗ L(μ) where (γ,μ) σ ⌈, has a decreasing filtration O⌈ (K[G]) = V0 ⊇ V 1 ⊇ . . . such that ∩ t≥0 V t = 0 and V t/V t+1 ≃ V?(γt) * ⊗ H 0?(γt) for each t ≥ 0. Here H 0?(γ) is a costandard G-supermodule, and V?(γ) is a standard G-supermodule, both of highest weight γ σ λ (see Zubkov, Algebra Log 45(3): 257-299, 2006). We deduce the existence of such a filtration from more general facts about standard and costandard filtrations in certain highest weight categories which will be proved in Section 5. Until now, analogous results were known only for highest weight categories with finite sets of weights. We believe that the reader will find the results of Section 5 interesting on its own. Finally, we apply our main result to describe invariants of (co)adjoint action of G.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)883-899
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JournalAlgebras and Representation Theory
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2012
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  • Coadjoint action
  • General linear supergroup
  • Highest weight category
  • Invariant
  • Standard/costandard object

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