E-collaboration, public relations and crises management in UAE organizations

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It is crucial for a company to preserve its image and reputation, and public relations (PR) and-everincreasingly-e-collaboration play a vital role in accomplishing this goal. This study investigates strategies that help an organization rejuvenate its image after damage caused by various crises. It is important to know which PR strategies best engage stakeholders, because companies must maintain healthy relationships with all stake-holding entities in order to survive. A case study was conducted to explore what circumstances can compromise a company's image and what role a PR department would optimally play in rejuvenating it. To gain valuable insights into this topic, interviews were conducted with 28 PR professionals working in organizations that faced some crisis in the United Arab Emirates, with a particular focus on how e-collaboration can factor into the effective resolution of corporate crises within the PR department and the execution of its larger crisis resolution plan. Results suggest that PR plays a critical role during crisis management: through on-the-ground PR teams and e-collaboration, organizations can turn adverse situations to their favor and preserve reputations that would otherwise be tarnished or outright destroyed. PR should not delay designating culpability during a crisis, and should also oversee correction of the situation and help managers investigate the matter when necessary. In doing this quickly, efficiently, and competently, organizations can minimize the negative impact a crisis may have in the public eye, and because time is of the essence during crisis situations, e-collaboration plays a major role in optimizing positive outcomes in these situations.

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JournalInternational Journal of e-Collaboration
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  • Crises in the UAE
  • Crisis management
  • E-collaboration
  • Local organizations
  • Public relations
  • UAE

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