Eccentricity-Based Topological Invariants of Dominating David-Derived Networks

Muhammad Imran, Mian Muhammad Zobair, Hani Shaker

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A topological index is a numerical descriptor of the molecular structure based on certain topological features of the corresponding molecular graph. Topological indices are scientific contemplations of a graph that outline its subatomic topology and are graph-invariant. In a QSAR/QSPR study, topological indices are utilized to anticipate the physico-concoction resources and bioactivity of compounds. In this paper, we study some distance-based topological indices such as eccentric connectivity index (ECI), total eccentricity index (TEI), and eccentricity-based Zagreb index for dominating David-derived networks (DD network) and provide exact formulae of the said indices. These outcomes are valuable to organize the science of hidden topologies of this network.

Original languageEnglish
Article number8944080
JournalJournal of Chemistry
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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