Emerging Applications of Nanotechnology in Healthcare and Medicine

Shiza Malik, Khalid Muhammad, Yasir Waheed

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Knowing the beneficial aspects of nanomedicine, scientists are trying to harness the applications of nanotechnology in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. There are also potential uses in designing medical tools and processes for the new generation of medical scientists. The main objective for conducting this research review is to gather the widespread aspects of nanomedicine under one heading and to highlight standard research practices in the medical field. Comprehensive research has been conducted to incorporate the latest data related to nanotechnology in medicine and therapeutics derived from acknowledged scientific platforms. Nanotechnology is used to conduct sensitive medical procedures. Nanotechnology is showing successful and beneficial uses in the fields of diagnostics, disease treatment, regenerative medicine, gene therapy, dentistry, oncology, aesthetics industry, drug delivery, and therapeutics. A thorough association of and cooperation between physicians, clinicians, researchers, and technologies will bring forward a future where there is a more calculated, outlined, and technically programed field of nanomedicine. Advances are being made to overcome challenges associated with the application of nanotechnology in the medical field due to the pathophysiological basis of diseases. This review highlights the multipronged aspects of nanomedicine and how nanotechnology is proving beneficial for the health industry. There is a need to minimize the health, environmental, and ethical concerns linked to nanotechnology.

Original languageEnglish
Article number6624
Issue number18
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2023


  • diagnosis
  • disease treatment
  • drug-delivery
  • healthcare
  • medical applications
  • nanobiotechnology
  • nanomedicine
  • nanotechnology

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