Equine genomics: Galloping to new frontiers

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Analysis of the horse genome is proceeding at a rapid pace. Within a short span of 6-7 years, ∼ 1,500 markers have been mapped in horse, of which at least half are genes/ESTs. Health, performance and phenotypic characteristic are of major concern/interest to horse breeders and owners. Current efforts to analyze the equine genome are primarily aimed at developing critical resources (including an advanced gene map) that could readily be used in the near future to i) identify genes and mutations responsible for inherited equine diseases/disorders and to formulate approaches for accurate diagnostics, therapeutics and prevention, ii) discover genes associated with various other traits of significance, e.g. fertility, disease resistance, coat color and athletic performance etc., and iii) use functional genomic approaches to identify gene regulatory events involved in the manifestation of various diseases.

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