Experiences of university teachers with rotational blended learning during the COVID- 19 pandemic: A qualitative case study

Ahmed Alkaabi, Ahmad Qablan, Fatima Alkatheeri, Aisha Alnaqbi, Maha Alawlaki, Latifa Alameri, Bushra Malhem

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This qualitative case study examines the self-efficacy of university teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic as they struggle to incorporate new technology, teaching strategies, and curriculum delivery in the shift from total remote learning to biweekly rotation learning- two weeks of face-to-face learning and two weeks online. This study was conducted over one full semester among university teachers teaching undergraduate students with the rotation model at one federal university located in the United Arab Emirates. A case study design was used as a methodology to guide this research with a primary data collection method of semi-structured interviews of 11 teachers corroborated by both in-person and online classroom observations. Participating teachers were from various colleges within the university, including medicine, education, business, law, humanities, and science. The data from the interviews and observations were analyzed using thematic analysis, which yielded the following six themes: (1) continuously changing expectations, (2) mixed feelings regarding technology self-efficacy, (3) loss of learning among undergraduate students, (4) trial and error with teaching strategies, (5) the need to consult with students in the teaching and learning process, and (6) the shift from struggle to resilience. The results of the study indicated that having clearer expectations, proper technology training, and intradepartmental collaboration may help educators overcome the challenges associated with the hybrid rotation model. These results are expounded thoroughly along with relevant implications for robust leadership practices to enhance the quality of teaching and learning during potential future crises.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0292796
JournalPLoS ONE
Issue number10 October
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2023

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