Field cases illustrate MEOR effectiveness

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Microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) methods have been effectively applied to various oil projects spanning Malaysia, the US, Argentina, and especially China. Offshore Malaysia, Bokor field received MEOR treatments, and oil production in one well rose to 1,500 b/d from 600 b/d before the treatment. Argentina MEOR operations include huff-and-puff projects in Piedras Coloradas field. Two wells in Barrancas formation and four wells in Blanco formation received the bacteria treatments, thus increasing oil productions rates. Another MEOR project was Shengli oil field, which included only the injection of nutrient for activating indigenous bacteria. The Daqing oil field from 2002 to 2005 had a huff-and-puff project and microbial flooding project in the Chaoyanggou block. The treatments given to 60 wells increased oil production significantly in 43 wells. The temperature has a significant impact on the success of MEOR applications in oil projects.

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