Flow enhancement of medium-viscosity crude oil

Mamdouh T. Ghannam, Nabil Esmail

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This study investigated the different alternatives to enhance the flowability of crude oil with medium viscosity. These alternatives include the addition of water into crude oil to form water-in-oil emulsion, the addition of light petroleum product, the addition of flow improver, and a preheating technique. Temperature range of 10-50°C, water concentration range of 0-50% by volume, flow improver concentration range of 0-5000 ppm, and kerosene concentration range of 0-50% by volume were investigated in the flowability enhancement study of crude oil with medium viscosity. The flowability enhancement in terms of viscosity reduction was investigated using RheoStress RS100 from Haake. A cone-plate sensor was used with a cone angle of °4, cone diameter of 35 mm, and 0.137-mm gap at the cone tip. The addition of kerosene to crude oil improves the flowability much better than any other investigated technique.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)985-999
Number of pages15
JournalPetroleum Science and Technology
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1 2006


  • Flow improver
  • Loss modulus
  • Storage modulus
  • Viscosity reduction
  • Water/oil emulsion

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