Functionalized Graphene Reinforced Hybrid Nanocomposites and Their Applications

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Graphene is a versatile, multifunctional 2-D atomic carbon nanomaterial having a unique combination of thermal/electrical conductivity and high surface area along with impressive mechanical properties. Remarkable fracture toughness and high modulus of elasticity enables the graphene to be used in a vast number of promising engineering applications either as an individual material or as a reinforcing agent in polymer composites. However, irreversible agglomeration of graphene sheets and the weak compatibility with most polymer matrices restrict its potential as a reinforcing agent to fabricate graphene/polymer composites. Chemical or nonchemical functionalization or surface modification of graphene is an effective way to improve the reinforcing efficiency of graphene within polymers. Functionalized graphene–reinforced hybrid polymer nanocomposites are prepared by incorporating inorganic species and/or cross-linking of organic species through covalent and/or noncovalent interactions with excellent and extraordinary chemical, optoelectronic, mechanical, and thermal properties. An induced functional group retarded the agglomeration/restacking of graphene nanosheets by electrostatic repulsion and steric hindrance mechanisms within the polymer matrices. The present review article summarizes the synthesis of graphene and different functionalization techniques. It also highlights the reported studies on the fabrication of functional graphene–reinforced hybrid polymer nanocomposites and their advanced applications in different fields. Future research directs the new functionalized techniques to fabricate functional graphene–hybrid polymer nanocomposites with unique architectures for electrochemical energy storage, biogenetic, and aerospace applications.

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