Geotechnical data compilation for evaporitic rocks in Abu Dhabi, UAE: A resource for engineers

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The durability and degradability of evaporitic rocks are always a critical concern in geological, civil, and geotechnical engineering applications, necessitating careful consideration for reliable, secure, and sustainable construction. This dataset is based on a comprehensive collection of geotechnical data involving both mechanical and physical properties as well as geochemical analyses for the evaporitic rocks in Abu Dhabi and its vicinity. The purpose of this dataset is to be an important source for construction professionals, engineers, and decision-makers in the region by providing basic insights into the challenges associated with building projects on and in evaporitic rocks. This data is obtained from extensive field investigations and laboratory analyses and will help to ensure that construction activities are carried out safely and efficiently when dealing with evaporitic rock formations. The prevalence of evaporitic rocks in Abu Dhabi highlights the importance of this geotechnical data compilation in facilitating informed decision-making and supporting safe construction.

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Article number110322
JournalData in Brief
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2024


  • Degradability
  • Evaporites
  • Foundation instability
  • Geoengineering properties
  • Rock strength
  • Sustainable development

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