Gold-indium modified TiO 2 nanocatalysts for photocatalytic CO 2 reduction with H 2 as reductant in a monolith photoreactor

Beenish Tahir, Muhammad Tahir, Noraishah Saidina Amin

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In this study, CO 2 photoreduction via reverse water gas shift (RWGS) reaction over gold (Au) and indium (In) modified TiO 2 nanocatalysts in a monolith photoreactor has been investigated. Crystalline nanoparticles of anatase TiO 2 were obtained in doped TiO 2 samples with metals deposited over TiO 2 as Au and In 3+ ions. The catalytic performance of metal-doped/TiO 2 catalysts was found to be considerably higher when compared to pure TiO 2 . The maximum production of CO as the main product was 8982 μmol g-catal -1 h -1 at selectivity 99% and CO 2 conversion of 9.5% over 0.2 wt.% Au-3.5 wt.% In/TiO 2 , and CO 2 /H 2 feed ratio 1.5. The CO production over co-metals (Au-In) doped TiO 2 monolithic catalyst was 1.3 times higher than Au/TiO 2 , 4.39 times higher than In/TiO 2 and 76 times higher than un-doped TiO 2 catalysts. Significantly higher photoactivity of metal-doped TiO 2 was obviously due to fast electron transfer with hindered recombination rates and larger illuminated surface area in monolith channels. The quantum efficiency of CO production through RWGS reaction using Au-In/TiO 2 catalyst was considerably improved (0.79%) than Au/TiO 2 (0.53%) and In/TiO 2 (0.14%) monolithic catalysts. The stability of the reused catalysts for CO production sustained at cyclic runs. This development confirmed higher performance of metals-doped TiO 2 nanocatalysts supported over monolith channels for CO 2 photoreduction via RWGS reaction.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalApplied Surface Science
Publication statusPublished - May 30 2015
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  • CO photoreduction
  • Gold-indium-TiO
  • H reductant
  • Monolith photoreactor
  • RWGS reaction

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