Growth and development in dotterel chicks charadrius morinellus

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The development of Dotterel was examined at a site in the Cairngorms of Scotland during 1990. Rates and patterns of development of 5 standard measurements-head-and-bill-length, bill-length, tarsus-and-toe, wing-length, and weight-were consistent with other waders. Conventional growth models were fitted to the data to produce quantitative measures of both maximum developmental rate and final dimensions, suitable for comparisons with other studies and other species. Growth of bill-length and head-and-bill-length showed more rapid initial development than other biometrics. Loss of weight after hatching was observed. Chicks dying did not show slower developmental rates that those which survived, nor was there any evidence that they were the chicks of lower quality parents. Unpredictable harsh weather may have an important but largely random influence on Dotterel chicks in this area.

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