History Education Research and Practice: An International Perspective

Mark Baildon, Suhaimi Afandi

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This chapter examines history education research and practice in selected European and Asian countries. We draw on research literature from European (United Kingdom, Germany, and Scandinavia) and Asian (China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore) countries to develop broad themes across contexts. The chapter examines the ways history education is shaped and constrained in particular Asian contexts; the international influence of research from the United Kingdom focused on second-order historical concepts and progressions of understanding; and literature on historical consciousness in European contexts. We synthesize current scholarship and theoretical work found in the literature as well as implications for curriculum and classroom practice and point to future areas of development for comparative history education research.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Wiley International Handbook of History Teaching and Learning
Number of pages23
ISBN (Electronic)9781119100812
ISBN (Print)9781119100737
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2 2018
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  • Comparative education research
  • Historical consciousness
  • Historical understanding
  • Textbook controversies

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