Induction and mentoring of novice teachers: A scheme for the United Arab Emirates

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Induction and mentoring of novice teachers have gained considerable worldwide attention. However, in the United Arab Emirates, graduates from teacher education programmes are recruited as teachers without being provided with any formal school-based support. They suffer from stress, overload, and low self-esteem and a high percentage leave teaching. This research aims to develop a scheme for inducting and mentoring UAE novice teachers. Utilising a modified Delphi technique, quantitative and qualitative data were collected over three rounds. At first, a survey consisting of 34 multiple-choice and five open-ended questions was completed by 100 educators from various school districts. Then, a modified survey was completed by 18 Delphi participants. In the third round and in focus-group sessions, Delphi participants revisited their judgements over controversial issues to reach consensus. The research presents a culturally appropriate scheme for inducting and mentoring novice teachers in the UAE.

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JournalTeacher Development
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Publication statusPublished - May 2012


  • United Arab Emirates
  • induction
  • mentoring programmes
  • novice teachers

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