Influence of rare earth ions (Dy3+, Eu3+, La3+) on the ultraviolet-light photocatalytic activity and magnetic properties of BiFeO3

Shahzad Hussain, Tehseen Ali Anjum, Babar Shabbir, Muhammad Waseem, M. Naveed-Ul-Haq, Adnan Younis

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Herein, we studied lattice disorder effects in BiFeO3 by varying A-site cation Bi3+ with RE3+ (RE: Dy3+, Eu3+ & La3+) cations with an invariable 10 mol% concentration. Co-existence of rhombohedral (R3c) and orthorhombic (Pnma) phases were observed irrespective of the type of dopant rare earth ions. Raman spectroscopy revealed changes in covalency of Bi–O bond along with selective softening and broadening of phonon modes that indicate a significant destabilization of FeO6 octahedra. The doped samples possessed reduced grain sizes that could be due to decrease in oxygen vacancies concentration to inhibit grain growth. The partial structural transformation to the orthorhombic phase resulted in suppression of spiral spin structure leading to release of macroscopic magnetization in RE-BFO samples. Moreover, changes in Fe–O–Fe bond angles and weakening of superexchange interaction also led to enhanced magnetization. Band gap varied between 2.0269 eV and 2.1450 eV for different rare earth ions which directly influenced the photocatalytic properties of the investigated samples. The photocatalytic activities of the undoped and doped samples were evaluated. The doped samples (in particular Dy3+ doped samples) expressed excellent photocatalytic response by showing about 85% degradation of organic dye within 90 min of the reaction time. The enhanced magnetic response and good photocatalytic properties of RE-BFO system confirms the viability of these materials for multifunctional applications.

Original languageEnglish
Article number126581
JournalMaterials Chemistry and Physics
Publication statusPublished - Oct 15 2022
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