Internet of Things Approach to Cloud-based Smart Car Parking

Yacine Atif, Jianguo Ding, Manfred A. Jeusfeld

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Concerns for parking are becoming imminent to best support the urban core. These persistent parking problems could be turned into new opportunities, brought by current trends in meeting the globally connected continuum. This paper reveals a work-in-progress to capitalize on private land properties for parking, in order to relieve stress on public agencies, create new sources of revenue, and enlist new entities in the intermediary market. These intermediaries, labelled as Parking Service Providers (or PSPs) play a broker role through advertising parking lots on a shared cloud platform. To streamline these business collaborations and related processes, physical parking lots are augmented with Internet connectivity allowing cloud-provided applications to congregate these lots into a larger inventory. The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm expands the scope of cloud-based intelligent car parking services in smart cities, with novel applications that better regulate car-parking related traffic. This paper presents a work-in-progress agenda that contributes to new business solutions and state-of-the-art research impacts. We reveal a multi-layered system of PSP-business model through interdisciplinary research blocks where original results are expected to be made at each layer.


  • Smart parking systems
  • cloud computing
  • internet of things
  • pervasive computing
  • sensor networks
  • web services

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  • General Computer Science


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