Laparoscopy in gastrointestinal malignancies

Fawaz Chikh Torab, Bernard Bokobza, Frank Branicki

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This paper presents an update of the role of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) in gastrointestinal malignancy. A review of indications, surgical technique, and radicality of laparoscopy in the field of gastrointestinal cancer surgery is discussed. The feasibility and safety of laparoscopic procedures are compared with established and implemented standards in the diagnosis and treatment of oncological disorders. It is important to appreciate that only the "access" is different with all its attendant advantages. The use of laparoscopy in tumor staging and palliative and curative resection is evaluated on review of the literature, and special indications for a laparoscopic approach in gastrointestinal malignancy in different organs are discussed. In conclusion, MIS is safe and feasible, with many short-term advantages; long-term results should be further assessed in randomized controlled studies. Until the outcomes of such studies are available MIS for malignant disease should be performed by experienced surgeons in specialized centers.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationRecent Advances in Clinical Oncology
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Inc.
Number of pages7
ISBN (Print)9781573317009
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2008

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NameAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences
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  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Laparoscopy
  • Malignancy

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