Mastoiditis in Kelantan.

S. Elango, T. Than

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Chronic mastoiditis and subperiosteal abscess are rarely seen nowadays in most countries. Thirty-four cases of mastoiditis were reviewed to find out the prevalence of chronic mastoiditis in the east coast of Malaysia. Twenty (58.82%) of these cases were a sequelae of chronic suppurative otitis media with cholesteatoma. All the patients with chronic mastoiditis were more than six years old. Forty-five percent of cases with chronic mastoiditis had a well pneumatized mastoid air cell on the unaffected side. The occurrence of chronic mastoiditis or cholesteatoma in a well pneumatized mastoid is not really as rare as was thought to be. X-ray of the mastoids is very useful in diagnosing patients with chronic mastoiditis and cholesteatoma. Mastoiditis is uncommon in adults and whenever a case is seen, an underlying pathology like cholesteatoma should be suspected.

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JournalThe Medical journal of Malaysia
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Sept 1995
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