Meta-Analysis of the Performance of Pervious Concrete with Cement and Aggregate Replacements

Faiz Habib Anwar, Hilal El-Hassan, Mohamed Hamouda, Gilbert Hinge, Kim Hung Mo

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In recent years, pervious concrete (PC) has gained much attention as one of the strategies for low-impact development (LID) in pavements due to its structural, economic, and road-user benefits. This study sought to review and evaluate changes in the mechanical, hydraulic, and durability performance of PC produced with cement and aggregate replacements. A meta-analysis was conducted to elucidate the feasible range of the replacement percentage and the number of materials that could be used to replace cement and aggregates; single or binary replacements were considered. Results indicated that cement-replacing materials, industrial wastes (IWA), and recycled aggregates (RA) met the minimum requirement for the mechanical, hydraulic, and durability properties of PC. The use of a single cement replacement material provided PC with better performance than when cement was replaced with two or more materials or when cement alone was used. Industrial waste was found to be a better replacement to aggregates than RA. The combined replacement of cement and aggregates with IWA and other cement-replacing materials was the most effective method for improving the mechanical, hydraulic, and durability performance of PC. Replacements of up to 40% was considered viable for cement replacement, while up to 50% replacement was considered practical for aggregate and combined replacement. PC incorporating different cement-replacing materials exhibited equivalent or improved mechanical properties and maintained hydraulic performance compared to cement-based PC. Nonetheless, limited studies are available on the durability performance of PC made with cement and/or replacements. Thus, the durability of PC coupled with the applicability of replacement materials acquired from different locations need to be evaluated to address the viability of producing more durable PC with the use of replacements.

Original languageEnglish
Article number461
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2022


  • aggregate replacement
  • cement replacement
  • durability
  • hydraulic
  • industrial waste materials
  • mechanical
  • pervious concrete
  • recycled aggregate

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  • Civil and Structural Engineering
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