Methods to determine the extent of lipid oxidation in foods

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Several methods are available to measure the same or different indicators of the progress of lipid oxidation. The researcher needs to define the measurement strategy and select the indicators to follow depending on the purpose of the research especially since lipid oxidation is a multistep reaction with a wide range of products and product groups. Conventional measurements include assessment of total hydroperoxide levels and a selection of indicators of secondary oxidation (hydroperoxide decomposition) products usually by simple titremetric or spectroscopic techniques. Chromatographic techniques (gas chromatography and/or high performance liquid chromatography together with different detectors including mass spectroscopy) are useful for more detailed description of the reaction products.

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Title of host publicationOxidation in Foods and Beverages and Antioxidant Applications
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  • Analysis
  • Hydroperoxides
  • Lipid oxidation
  • Secondary oxidation products

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