MUC1 (CD227): A multi-tasked molecule

Vasso Apostolopoulos, Lily Stojanovska, Sharron E. Gargosky

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Mucin 1 (MUC1 [CD227]) is a high-molecular weight (>400 kDa), type I membrane-tethered glycoprotein that is expressed on epithelial cells and extends far above the glycocalyx. MUC1 is overexpressed and aberrantly glycosylated in adenocarcinomas and in hematological malignancies. As a result, MUC1 has been a target for tumor immunotherapeutic studies in mice and in humans. MUC1 has been shown to have anti-adhesive and immunosuppressive properties, protects against infections, and is involved in the oncogenic process as well as in cell signaling. In addition, MUC1 plays a key role in the reproductive tract, in the immune system (affecting dendritic cells, monocytes, T cells, and B cells), and in chronic inflammatory diseases. Evidence for all of these roles for MUC1 is discussed herein and demonstrates that MUC1 is truly a multitasked molecule.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4475-4500
Number of pages26
JournalCellular and Molecular Life Sciences
Issue number23
Publication statusPublished - Aug 21 2015
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  • CD227
  • EMA
  • MUC1
  • MUC1 and cancer
  • MUC1 and disease
  • MUC1 expression
  • MUC1 isoforms
  • MUC1 pathogens
  • MUC1 structure
  • PEM

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