Nanomaterials against Parasites: The Developments and the Way Forward

Tean Zaheer, Sadia Muneer, Rao Zahid Abbas, Muhammad Kasib Khan, Muhammad Imran, Amna Ahmed, Iqra Zaheer, Nighat Perveen

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Nanoparasitology” is an extensively explored area of nanoscience. Parasites hold immense significance as disease-causing and transmitting agents of veterinary, human, and zoonotic significance. In the world of emerging resistance against many parasites, nanomaterials have been employed to relieve burning-resistant scenarios. Both internal and external parasites have been shown to respond at fairly lower lethal concentrations when compared to the routinely used anti-parasiticals. This chapter overviews the applications of nanomaterials in combating parasites and presents useful insights for future research.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNanomaterials in the Battle against Pathogens and Disease Vectors
PublisherCRC Press
Number of pages28
ISBN (Electronic)9781000539608
ISBN (Print)9780367647810
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2022

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