National Pride and the New School Model: English Language Education in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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This chapter provides a brief history of the English Language in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and policies surrounding the status and position of English and Bilingual – Arabic and English – Education. While Dubai and the Northern Emirates are briefly mentioned, the focus is on the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and its New School Model (NSM) approach to education. The factors that have driven and had an impact on policy making in the UAE and NSM are discussed. The history and role of agencies and individuals in its initiatives, some of the challenges and potential that are part and parcel of its policy on bilingual education reform, are described. In the conclusion, there is a brief analysis of crucial issues surrounding bilingual education for realistic goal setting for children of Abu Dhabi Emirate in becoming bilingual.

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  • Bilingual education reform
  • New school model
  • Partial immersion model
  • Realistic goals

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