Natural Fiber Composite Qualification in the Automotive Industry

Lobna A. Elseify, Mohamad Midani, Ayman El-Badawy, Mohammad Jawaid

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Materials qualification is an essential process for approving any new material by the automotive industry. The process occurs between material suppliers and automakers to ensure that any new material meets the performance requirements. This chapter is dedicated to discussing the natural fiber composite (NFC) qualification process in the automotive industry. The three-step process for introducing new materials to the automotive industry is explained. The major challenges facing the use of NFC in the industry are also discussed, including fiber availability, variability of properties, hydrophilicity, compatibility with resin, and degradability. The common automotive interior parts that are made from NFC are tabulated, with details on fiber and matrix types and major performance requirements, this includes door panels, front and rear door liners, headliners, rear parcel shelves, seat backs, spare tire covers, and other interior trims.

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Publication statusPublished - 2021
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