On the awareness of UAE University engineering students with ABET accreditation

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Recently, the accreditation process of engineering programs has become of great importance to the academic institutions in order to ensure a higher quality undergraduate engineering education. The work conducted in this study surveyed the students' awareness of some accreditation fundamentals. The survey raised some questions about ABET fundamentals (e.g. What is ABET accreditation? Who sets the quality standards? Why is ABET accreditation important? What is the ABET accreditation process?, etc.). It has been found that most of engineering students are not fully aware of ABET accreditation process and the benefits of accreditation. The results also revealed that, the awareness of students, as they are important stakeholder, with accreditation elements needs more attention to enhance the assessment process. It is expected that the surveys of the study have increased the awareness of the benefits of accreditation throughout the engineering students. Some important recommendations to increase the communication and awareness are presented.

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  • ABET accreditation
  • Engineering programs
  • Students' awareness

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