On the total irregularity strength of convex polytope graphs

Syed Ahtsham, Muhammad Imran, Usman Ali

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A vertex (edge) irregular total k-labeling ϕ of a graph G is a labeling of the vertices and edges of G with labels from the set {1, 2,…, k} in such a way that any two different vertices (edges) have distinct weights. Here, the weight of a vertex x in G is the sum of the label of x and the labels of all edges incident with the vertex x, whereas the weight of an edge is the sum of label of the edge and the vertices incident to that edge. The minimum k for which the graph G has a vertex (edge) irregular total k-labeling is called the total vertex (edge) irregularity strength of G. In this paper, we are dealing with infinite classes of convex polytopes generated by prism graph and antiprism graph. We have determined the exact value of their total vertex irregularity strength and total edge irregularity strength.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • Irregular assignment
  • convex polytopes
  • irregularity strength
  • vertex irregular total k-labeling

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