OPNET simulation setup for QoE based network selection

Umar Toseef, Manzoor Ahmed Khan

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In its most generic sense, the user-centric view in telecommunications considers that the users are free from subscription to any one network operator and can instead dynamically choose the most suitable transport infrastructure from the available network providers for their terminal and application requirements. In this approach, the decision of interface selection is delegated to the mobile terminal enabling end users to exploit the best available characteristics of different network technologies and network providers, with the objective of increased satisfaction. In order to more accurately express the user satisfaction in telecommunications, a more subjective and application-specific measure, namely, the Quality-of-Experience (QoE) is introduced. QoE is the core requirement in future wireless networks and provisions. It is a framework that optimizes the global system of networks and users in terms of efficient resource utilization and meeting user preferences (guaranteeing certain Quality-of-Service [QoS] requirements). A number of solution frameworks to address the mentioned problems using different theoretical approaches are proposed in the research literature. Such scholarly approaches need to be evaluated using simulation platforms (e.g., OPNET, NS2, OMNET++, etc.). This chapter focuses on developing the simulation using a standard discrete event network simulator, OPNET. It outlines the general development procedures of different components in simulation and details the following important aspects: Long Term Evolution (LTE) network component development, impairment entity development, implementing IPv6 flow management, developing an integrated heterogeneous scenario with LTE and WLAN, implementing an example scenario, and generating and analyzing the results.

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