Patient Satisfaction with Postoperative Follow-up by a Hand Therapist

Sherif Elnikety, Moataz El-Husseiny, Tamer Kamal, Gautam D. Talawadekar, Hayley Richards, Andrew M. Smith

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Purpose: There has been a move to reduce and, indeed, stop postoperative appointments for uncomplicated surgical procedures within the National Health Service. The purpose of this study was to measure patient satisfaction with postoperative follow-up conducted by a hand therapist, with no routine postoperative follow-up by the surgeon. Methods: A total of 124 patients were recruited over two years. Fifty patients post-simple trapeziectomy and 74 patients post-single-digit Dupuytren's fasciectomy were prospectively surveyed for their opinion on their postoperative care and whether or not they would have liked to be reviewed by the surgeon in a routine postoperative follow-up appointment. All patients included in this study had their operations performed by one surgeon in one hospital. All patients were reviewed by a hand therapist within two weeks of surgery. Results: A total of 116 patients completed the study, of whom 106 patients (91%) were satisfied with their postoperative management and 99 patients (85%) did not want to be reviewed by the surgeon in a postoperative outpatient follow-up appointment. Discussion: This study reflects the successful application of postoperative follow-up by a hand therapist.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)39-42
Number of pages4
JournalMusculoskeletal Care
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2012
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  • Dupuytren's
  • Follow up
  • Hand therapy
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Survey
  • Trapeziectomy

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