Pattern of distribution of neuropeptides in the camel lacrimal gland

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The pattern of distribution of neuropeptides, including neuropeptide-Y (NPY), vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP), neurotensin (NT), serotonin (5-HT), galanin (GAL), leucine-enkephalin (LEU-ENK) and calcitonin-gene-related-peptide (CGRP), in the nerves of the camel lacrimal gland was investigated using immunohistochemical techniques. Fresh lacrimal gland segments, obtained from adult camels slaughtered in the local abattoir, were used for the immunohistochemical techniques. NPY and LEU-ENK immunoreactivity was observed in the nerve cell bodies and nerve fibers of the camel lacrimal gland. VIP, GAL and CGRP were demonstrated predominantly in fine varicose nerve fibers lying on the basolateral surfaces of the lacrimal acinar cells. NT and 5-HT were identified mainly in neurons situated in the periacinar regions, close to the basal surfaces of the acinar cells. It is concluded that the camel lacrimal nerves contain several neuropeptides including NPY, VIP, NT, 5-HT GAL, LEU-ENK and CGRP which may modulate lacrimal fluid and protein secretion.

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